Doggy Spray

Doggy Spray

Doggy Spray

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Doggy Spray naturally helps with a range of skin issues such as hot spots, dry skin, rashes, and itchiness while also naturally detering ticks & fleas.  

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Made with colloidal silver 99.9% pure silver particles suspended into distilled water, this all-purpose spray is antimicrobial, anti-bacterial and antifungal.

Non-alcoholic witch hazel helps with inflammation in the skin, kills bacteria and helps sooth the itch.

Pure aloe vera is well known for it's skin nourishing and soothing properties

Organic fractionated coconut oil (coconut oil that stays in liquid form) nourishes the skin and is antibacterial and antifungal.

Shake well before use. Spray directly on dog's skin 1-4 times a day if there is a current skin issue. If dog has long hair pull hair up and rub into skin.

If the dog has a current flea problem, give the dog a flea bath, dry and use Mama Bear's Doggy Spray on entire body to prevent fleas from coming back.

Going for walk and want to protect your dog from fleas & ticks? Spray legs, groin, belly and arm pits. 

Pure Aloe Vera, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Pure Witch Hazel, Pure Colloidal Silver

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